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Bagels: Round One.

I have been wanting to make a batch of bagels for a while now so this morning, that’s just what I did.

Bagel dough is quite stiff and I don’t have a stand mixer in my current kitchen so I alternated kneading the dough with a hand-held mixer and by hand. (So I wouldn’t wear out the motor or my wrist.) I just made a small batch so it wasn’t too bad.

After about an hour of fermentation, I divided the dough into rounds and let them rest a little bit before shaping them into logs and then bagels. (I need to practice this part a bit more to get a cleaner seam. The idea is that you cross the ends over and roll them together to seal it, I’m hoping the next time around they will be a little more even at this point.)

Another hour and they were ready to boil and bake. I set up my station; water boiling on the stove, a seed tray with my favorite seed blend sesame/poppy/fennel, a cast iron griddle in the oven, and a cooling rack.

First I popped the bagels in the water for about 30 seconds….

Then I coated them in seeds, lots of seeds.

They baked for about 15 minutes with a flip after about 2.

Not bad for a first try…

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